Day 345: Rock and Roll Never Dies

Tuesday, December 11th

So this happened.


Yup. That would be Steven Tyler in red skinny jeans and wild hair wailing into a mic. He sounded incredible as always and was entirely too energetic for his 64 years. Aerosmith put on a great show at the Tampa Bay Times Forum that I attended with my parents. We are pretty rock and roll.

We are also pretty deaf after the incredible noise in that stadium.


They played songs off their new album (crazy!) as well as all their hits. Walk This Way was pretty sweet. Dream On was also epic, especially when Steven Tyler came out playing on a white piano then ended on top of it. The entire production of the show was also incredible. The lights were neon-tastic and the background screen was unbelievably sharp and crisp. You could practically see the sweat dripping off Steven Tyler’s surprisingly unwrinkled brow.


Rock and roll never dies.

Or at least, never stops hip thrusting across the stage.

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