Day 325 and 326: Fallen Leaves and Fried Bananas

Wednesday, November 21st 

Back in China it is finally looking like fall.. and it is almost December. But the leaves are falling and they are huge!


I take a Bounce! fitness class in the morning to write about for Spirit Magazine and have a blast jumping around like a maniac for 45 minutes. Bounce! is an aerobics class on a mini trampoline and is surprisingly low impact. My sore foot is happy. Once the article is published I will post it on the blog!

Thursday November 22nd

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving in America but definitely not in China. People still bustle off to work all day while the Americans sit around missing their families, football, and the Macy’s parade. Most of all I miss my family and our Thanksgiving retreat in the mountains of North Carolina like last year.


Although we have a big Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, we celebrate “Thanksgiving” dinner that night with all our friends at a Japanese buffet. There is no turkey but plenty of hibachi steak and saki to consume. I am grateful for friends in far away places and fried bananas.

I think American Thanksgiving should include fried bananas.

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