Brunch, Ballet and Barking Crab in Beantown

Brunch is my favorite meal. To me, brunch signifies lazy weekends, fluffy pancakes, hot coffee and of course, lingering over meals for hours on end. You can’t get better than a long and filling brunch with family to kick off the weekend.

Our weekend in Boston definitely started out on the right foot with Saturday morning brunch at Joe’s. We were not disappointed! Satisfied and ready to tackle the day we set off down Newbury Street with the intention of walking to Beacon Hill. On the way we were sidetracked by various shops that just could not be ignored. But you probably figured that out by now!


We made our way through the Commons and found ourselves on Charles Street, probably one of my favorite streets in Boston. It is a quintessential Beacon Hill street with old fashioned street lamps and adorable little shops selling everything from cashmere sweaters to ice cream. Taylor and I of course had to get a scoop of cookie dough oreo ice cream at JP Licks, and yes it was as delicious as it sounds. We then walked farther down Charles Street to take a peek inside the renovated Charles Street Jail which is now The Liberty Hotel. What a great idea!

IMG_3932 IMG_3904

We continued our trek along the Charles River and watched small sailboats whipping around the water at incredible speeds. It was fun to watch. I also happened to run into one of my Bowdoin classmates! Well he almost ran into me as he was jogging along the river. He was in my photography class and you should check out his photo blog at Margot & Will 365. He and another classmate have taken one photo every day for almost 4 years! They put my year-long 365 Project to shame.


In the evening we packed a picnic and extra layers for “Night of Stars”, a free performance by the Boston Ballet on the Commons. Both of my sisters were dancers so it was an exciting event for my family. An hour and half before the performance we claimed our small patch of grass and snacked on meat, cheese and wine while the crowds descended around us. By the time the show began it was standing room only! I was impressed (and slightly annoyed by the steady stream of people walking in front of us). The dancers were incredible and performed some truly amazing pieces that had the entire audience in complete rapture. It was a fun event that was very different from the norm. Boston, why are you so cool?

IMG_3912 IMG_3930IMG_3927IMG_3910IMG_3931IMG_3929

The next morning was beautiful and a little chilly as we walked to yet another brunch. This time we went to Beehive, a quirky restaurant and bar with live jazz performances and silent movies playing on exposed brick walls. We enjoyed enormous omelets and bloody mary’s to the tune of a small jazz band jamming it up at 10 o’clock in the morning. Impressive and delicious, all at once.

IMG_3987 IMG_3940 IMG_3946

After brunch we took the T down to the Aquarium for a Trolly Tour! Very touristy, I know, but it was actually a wonderful break from walking and a fun way to see the city as a whole. Plus our trolly was open to the perfect Boston weather. I sat there smiling with my eyes closed for the most of the ride just enjoying the warm sun on my face and cool breeze in my hair.


After the hour-long ride, we were hungry for some of that famous New England seafood. Let’s just say I have missed Maine lobster, crabs, clams, and everything else fishy since graduating from college. Bowdoin lobster bake anyone? Bowdoin logs anybody else? YUM. Well we certainly had our fill of the good stuff with beer and a raw seafood platter at the Barking Crab. It was a perfect afternoon overlooking the harbor and gulping down one fresh oyster after another. Goodness, I miss New England! I think I would prefer living in Boston over Shanghai…

IMG_3981 IMG_3983 IMG_3985

After a perfect day of amazing sights, shopping and food, we called it a day and headed back to my sister’s apartment. We were all pretty wiped out and decided to grab some food at Shaw’s for an easy dinner at home. Eating and sightseeing all day is exhausting! But I cannot think of a better way to explore Boston. I had an incredible time visiting my sister and becoming better acquainted with this wonderful city before winter comes and dumps snow over everything. It’s ok New England, I still love you. And why not travel within the US while I am in the US? America is a great place to be.

Thankfully our great American tour was only halfway through. Next stop…. Amish country!   

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