Bachelorette Weekend #1D2KeyWest

Whoah is it already March?? Where has the time gone??

Our wedding is in 6 weeks and I still can’t believe it. What a fun season punctuated by lots of quality time with family and friends. It is so invigorating to be home with everything that is happening, it is busy but so rewarding.

After my two week stint apartment hunting in Shanghai, I flew back to Florida and immediately got ready for my Bachelorette Party!


My sisters who are my lovely maids-of-honor organized a weekend in Key West with my other bridesmaids and our good friend from Tampa. On Friday night we drove down to Fort Myers and stayed in a swanky hotel room before departing in the early morning for the ferry down to Key West! Waking up was hard and we were all a little cranky, especially when the ferry was packed full of people who wouldn’t let us sit together! But we eventually found some seats scattered throughout the boat which was great since it was freezing outside. After 3 hours of attempting to nap, we arrived in sunny Key West where my girls showed off their sweet shirts designed by the one and only Carina!

We were pretty excited. So I busted out the selfie stick. Selfie time!


We dropped off our stuff at the Sheraton and immediately headed to the pool to lay in the sun. It was an absolutely perfect start to the weekend. Sunshine, pina coladas, and a One Direction towel!


We do things in style (harry styles… lol).


After the pool we rested up and got ready for our big night out! My girls know me so well and decorated our room perfectly with the theme of the weekend… One Direction! Hahaha, oh my god I was so excited to find this cardboard cutout of Louis standing in the corner of the room as the speakers blasted 1D music. It was so silly but so fun. I love my girls for indulging my obsession with a boyband and not judging! We opened presents, played a few games including Quiz the Groom and basically laughed a lot while sipping champagne. It was amazing and just so perfect.

biddies12 biddies14


Selfie time with Louis! Hahaha so good.


We then took a cab out to Duval Street to grab some dinner and go dancing!


We had an extremely late dinner at Conch Republic after an epic fail at finding our original restaurant. But we finally found our way to Sloppy Joe’s where they had an incredible cover band playing all night! We stayed there all night, dancing and singing at the top of our lungs amidst some relatively creepy dudes. But no matter, we were having the times of our lives and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect evening. Honestly. It was fantastic.


The next morning was a bit rough but we pulled ourselves out of bed for brunch at Blue Heavens. Thank you to Morgan and Madeline who waited for hours to get us a table. We listened to some great music and watched chickens cluck about while enjoying delicious food and amazing company.

biddies19 biddies20

After brunch, Morgan, Taylor, Tana and I went snorkeling! It was really a fun trip despite the slightly rough seas. We saw a lot of barracudas and other sea life in the sort of murky water but it was a relaxing activity. Back on the boat we drank beer and margaritas and laughed at the crew guy relentlessly hitting on Taylor. “You’re a ten!” It was amusing to say the least.


That night we had dinner at the hotel before heading downtown for dessert at “Better than Sex”. Omg this place was crazy, we had wine in chocolate dipped glasses and extraordinary desserts in a dimly light room. So funny.  Afterwards we went to a few weird bars but decided to go back to the hotel after witnessing a bar fight. Weird. But back at the hotel we played a few more games and laughed hysterically until our neighbors yelled at us. Whoops. But overall a good night!

On our last day in the Keys we went back down to Duval for lunch at Hot Tin Roof and to do a bit of shopping. We enjoyed some rummy slushies in honor of Fat Tuesday and bought a few hats. A great combination.


biddies23 biddies25

Some of the girls stayed to shop while Carina and I went back to chill on the beach before boarding the ferry. We ate our frozen key lime pies and laughed and laughed in the sunshine. Then we all packed our stuff and brought it over to the pier. Before boarding the ferry we stopped for snacks and beer at the pool bar across the street. I love my girls!

biddies26 biddies28

We again did not get good seats at all on the ferry (my god people are so territorial it’s funny), but we were able to sit together and chat for which I was grateful. I even napped on the floor which was great since we had to drive back to Tampa from Fort Myers. Thankfully Tana and Carina allowed me to jam out to 1D during the drive back. They are the best.

All in all my bachelorette party weekend was absolutely perfect! I had sunshine and my best girlfriends all around me. Thanks to my girls I love you!



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