Day 207: Freckles

So many thoughts running through my head. Projects to finish, people to email, plane tickets to buy… Oh wait. I just bought my plane ticket. To China. Check! Since I have a splitting headache here are some photos from Thursday:   It was a lovely day. The sun was out and I added some freckles … More Day 207: Freckles


Making coffee when light was pale a box fell on my toe I will probably lose my nail Today the rain dripped from the sky my face got wet walking to the bakery where a chocolate croissant I buy Tomorrow is Friday and then it is Saturday Alexi is here in one week..Hooray!


Today was bright, sunny, and wonderful. Too bad it’s only Tuesday and not next Saturday. Because Alexi will be here! Yay! But the sun makes everything better. And hopefully will make time pass faster too. My weekend was fun though, I attended two birthday parties with my family for some of their friends. I ate … More Sunshine

It’s a hygge life

For the past two days, snow has steadily blanketed the city in a quiet white slumber. It’s the kind of snowfall that is calm and peaceful, definitely unlike the angry Nor’easters that attack Maine with forceful blizzards of stinging ice. The kind of snowfall you pray for in a country of freezing rain. After pulling … More It’s a hygge life