France Day 1: At the End of the Earth

It’s about time!!! I have been so busy with work, and it’s only going to get worse so I thought I might as well start posting the final photos from our Eurotrip 2014. Um so it is DECEMBER and these photos are from JUNE. SAY WHAT. As a brief refresher… in June C and I spent a week in Ireland on the Shamrockers Bus Tour and then 5 days in London before traveling to France to meet up with Tasha.

After an awesome last day in London at Tower of London and Street Feast, we woke up Saturday morning for our flight to France! We took the train to Southend Airport and after a short plane ride arrived in Rennes, where Tasha awaited us with open arms! After picking up the rental car we drove 2.5 hours to Brest, the department of Finistere, which means “end of the earth” in Latin/French.


As soon as we arrived, we joined the crowds flooding the city for the annual festival, “La fete de la musique” which takes place on the summer solstice every year all over France. We ordered enormous and insanely delicious Moroccan style kebabs and devoured them while overlooking the harbor from our vantage point on the main street in town. Later in the evening we went out to support Tasha’s roommate who was DJing at a bar across from the University building. It was an exciting and fully immersive evening in France and was just a teaser for what was to come!

The next morning we bought food at the local farmer’s market before embarking on our first day trip in our spiffy rental car. A big shout out to Carina for being the designated driver and driving like a boss all over France. YOU ROCK.


France tried to confuse us with the Welcome to Florida signs. We were like psshhh please. We are actually Floridians and this is definitely not Florida. Silly French.

brest3 brest4

First, we drove to La presque ile de Crozon, the almost island or peninsula of Crozon. We were confronted with stunning cliffs and jagged rocks basking in the warm sun and the bluest blue water of the ocean. It was STUNNING. This is France??? I love France.


We made sure to sit down for a real French picnic. Good thing we came prepared! We had a rocking spread of cheese, strawberries, pate, a baguette and Nutella. It doesn’t get more French than that! We had to fend off a gigantic seagull from our stash but it was worth it.


In the afternoon we drove to a picturesque town on the sea called Camaret-sur-Mer. If you googled “charming French village on the sea”, Camaret-sur-Mer would come up. It was quite charming.


Besides a bizarre graveyard of boats, we experienced another surprising French phenomenon: old French mean wearing nothing but jorts. I swear, it was a thing. We saw at least 5 alarmingly tan old French men wearing the exact same thing. Jorts. Oh dear. Can you spot it?


Check out our adorable rental car! This baby went through A LOT. I think Carina both loved and hated this car by the end of the trip lol.


We drove out to a few lookout points so we could see Brest from across the water. We also visited a few old fortresses? I don’t really know what they were or why they were there, but it was cool!


Thank god I had to go to the bathroom because if not I would have never had discovered these amazing caverns from my precarious vantage point on the side of the cliff. It was quite the view!

We finished off the day with a crepe dinner at a small town called Morgat. We started with savory buckwheat galettes and finished with white flour desert crepes. Mine had plenty of chocolate of course. God FRENCH FOOD IS SO GOOD. Better than English food…


It was a lovely first day in France that completely surpassed all my expectations. Honestly my expectations of France were low… and I was blown away by the beauty of this region. And this was just the first day!


And I would like to thank Tasha and Carina for being such lovely travel buddies and for helping me piece together this leg of the trip and for taking some of the photos you see here. You girls are the best! Much love xoxo

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