France Day 3: Medieval Towns, Salted Caramels and Biscuits galore

After our wild night dancing the evening away, we woke up bright and early for our last day trip in France. At this point we were exhausted from traveling after epic times in both Ireland and London. So we piled in the car, Carina in the driver’s seat, Tasha as navigator in the passenger seat and me in the back as the personal road-trip DJ. We first drove to Locronan, one of the oldest and best-preserved Medieval towns in France.
It was a ridiculously beautiful old town that was TOO PRETTY. Everything was gorgeous from the stone cathedral to the adorable shop signs. We had crepes again for lunch at a creperie and went wild with the savory and sweet crepes. Then we wandered into a few shops and sampled  lots of biscuits and caramel au beurre salé (salted caramel), two regional specialties. Like I literally circled around and stuffed biscuits in my mouth for at least an hour. God, I love France.
There was also a wagon. I took a picture for my mom. She loves flowers. And wagons?
 Afterwards we drove to Concarneau, a walled fortress town on the water. It was a sunny and hot day but we took our time wandering the narrow streets of this fortressed city. I loved it. We also spent a lot of time deciding between various souvenirs of herbed salts, salted caramels and Breton styled ceramics. It was quite fun. We also enjoyed enormous cups of gelato, just because.


This is the only picture I have with Tasha. Thanks for being the photographer Carina!


After leaving the walled city we took a long detour to a beach which was a bit stressful since we were on a time crunch to return the rental car. So we literally parked, ran to the beach, stuck our toes in the ocean and ran back to the car. Haha. We returned the rental car quickly for no apparent reason because you could just park the car at the terminal at any time… so it was kind of a stressful evening for no reason.

But we made up for it by fixing Carina a delicious dinner and relaxing at the apartment… until we had to stress pack all night! We had to wake up early to take the bullet train to the Paris airport. Carina and Tasha were heading off to Turkey and Greece while I was flying back to Dublin for just the night before flying home to the States.

At this point I was ready to go home. I was tired and craving some space which definitely happens when you travel in groups and stay in hostels for so long. But I really loved France, surprisingly so. Brittany is such a beautiful region and I am so thankful that Tasha was willing to share her knowledge with us!

Onward to Paris…

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