Lazy Wednesdays

I love Wednesdays. We don’t have class but do have day trips with our classes, if they’re scheduled. Last Wednesday was the trip to the DR station with Lost in Translation. But today, nothing. Which is great considering it snowed in the morning but then became freezing rain. I’ve been able to get my work … More Lazy Wednesdays

Snow and Disco

It snowed today!! I awoke to a winter wonderland just beyond my window pane. I love that first dusting of snow. It makes everything so quiet and pure. These are pictures from my backyard. This afternoon I went with Michael and Lotte to Nadja, my host sister’s, disco dance competition. It is seriously called disco … More Snow and Disco

Week One Summary

Yes I am actually in Copenhagen!  As you can see below, I finally took some pictures and successfully posted them to this blog. YAY! Today DIS took us to Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, a town north of Copenhagen. The castle is now a museum but used to be the palace and home of the Danish … More Week One Summary