Day 245: Sun Day

More like too much sun day! Thanks everybody for your support of my leopard print pants! My wonderful and caring friend Carina even called me up to question my decision making. I think she needs a pair of her own ;-). So I don’t know why I didn’t post yesterday. Oh, because I was having … More Day 245: Sun Day

Day 242: 10 Questions I Get About Moving to China

To surpass my endless rambling and get to the 10 Questions I Get About Moving to China, scroll down to the bottom! ____________________ Woohoo everybody, it’s Friday!! Somehow I got involved cleaning out my bathroom cabinets this morning (it’s amazing how productive you can be when you’re supposed to be doing something else) and it … More Day 242: 10 Questions I Get About Moving to China

Day 219: Always Home

Come on. Really? I leave in 5 weeks and this is what you give me? Perfection. Ok Florida. Seriously. I get it. I’ll miss you. You are beautiful and warm. You will be my home forever. I’ll see you soon. Promise. I couldn’t stay away if I tried. Daily Workout  This perfect scene awaited me after … More Day 219: Always Home

Day 207: Freckles

So many thoughts running through my head. Projects to finish, people to email, plane tickets to buy… Oh wait. I just bought my plane ticket. To China. Check! Since I have a splitting headache here are some photos from Thursday:   It was a lovely day. The sun was out and I added some freckles … More Day 207: Freckles