Day 346: Ancient

Wednesday, December 12th  Did you know it was 12/12/12? You probably did. I did not until we started watching the 12/12/12/ concert for Sandy relief on television. There was more rock and roll and a very scary old and skinny Mick Jagger. Yikes. I mean he still sings and moves like a young man but … More Day 346: Ancient

Day 321 and 322: A Spectacular Birthday Weekend

Wow, my ears are still slightly muffled from the Aerosmith concert last night. I will talk about that soon! But first I am looking forward to posting about Peter’s birthday weekend in Shanghai. We had a blast and have some great pictures to prove it! Enjoy. Saturday, November 17th  After celebrating Barri’s birthday on Thursday, … More Day 321 and 322: A Spectacular Birthday Weekend